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Mining Translation
Mining industries deal with various disciplines like legal contracts, drilling, operational health, safety, and environmental considerations. This requires a great deal of technical foreign language translations. Our linguists are experienced and skilled in comprehending these requirements. We maintain close contacts with all our overseas investors, local markets and in-house counsels.

Mining and resources expertise

Mining industry is a constantly developing industry that has frequent updates and improvements. The industry poses a lot of challenges in translations which cannot be met by regular translators or linguists. Translators in the mining industry will require knowledge and information about the industry too.

That is why, at La Classe Translations, we ensure to give mining translation projects to the suitable linguists. The team is selected separately to manage such translations and are skilled with the knowledge of the subject. The team of translators at La Classe are civil and mining engineers, geologists, commercial lawyers, corporate counsel, scientists, marketing and public relations specialists and other technical specialists.

We also have a team of second professional translators who proofread and edit the documents for ensuring technical details. With the assistance of these skilled professionals, we can assure the clients quality translations with exceptional technical requirements. This can help our mining industry clients to reach their intended audience.

We regularly translates

● Contractors

● Technical reports

● Correspondence

● Company profiles

● Announcements

● Legal documents

● Quarterly and annual reports

● Shareholder inquiries

● Marketing materials

● Insurance policies


● La Classe Translation considers the confidentiality of the clients very vitally. Therefore our translators and staff work under strict confidential terms.

● Additionally, we also get signed papers from the clients that promise to maintain complete security of their documents and data.

The trust of our clients is essential, so they can mention the documents which require the provision of maximum security. Our translators too handle these documents under confidential circumstances



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